Does your website need a refresh? Could that report-by-committee stand a good edit to ensure it doesn’t sound like it was written by a committee? Want to get your team working from the same editorial page? Even if you’re not in the communications business, your customers are judging you by your communications. You can’t afford to put out sub-standard content. I ensure you don’t.


With an internet’s worth of content, how does yours cut through? With compelling content that doesn’t waste your audience’s time. To every project, I bring incisive thinking, a story-driven approach and an editor’s exacting standards. The result is approachable, purposeful, engaging content that will help your organization’s message rise above the noise.


Unfocused language and sloppy mistakes in your communications diminish your customers’ trust and reflect poorly on your business. They can cost your organization money, customers, even its reputation. When I edit, I do much more than crush typos. I hone and polish your copy, ensuring it’s clear, tight, on-brand and, yes, error-free.


Proofreading provides the final spit and polish. Typically done once content has been edited and designed, proofing is the last editorial review, watching for minor errors and inconsistencies in text and formatting. A sneaky typo, a broken link, a flipped photo of someone now sporting a JUST DO IT shirt. Those are the kinds of things this eagle-eyed proofreader catches.


In-house training is a great way to up your team’s communications game. Even better when it covers issues they deal with every day. I will develop content specific to your business and deliver it in a format that works for you: lunch and learns, half- or full-day workshops or 1:1 sessions. Past learners have loved my deep experience, stories from the trenches and sense of humour.

Style guides

A corporate style guide is your one source of editorial truth. It helps everybody writing for your organization produce content to consistent, professional standards. And it can be whatever you want it to be. It will probably cover the basics, like spelling, grammar, punctuation and numbers, but it can also include subjects like voice and tone, inclusive language, boilerplates and common mistakes. Whether you’re starting from scratch or ready for a long-overdue update, I will audit your communications and create an indispensable go-to reference for your team.

Types of projects

  • Blog posts and articles
  • Websites
  • Brand messaging
  • Content marketing
  • Style guides
  • Emails
  • Interviews and profiles
  • Annual/ESG/sustainability reports
  • Presentation decks
  • Direct mail

Administrative stuff

Depending on the project, I charge either an hourly rate or flat fee. Once we’ve discussed things, I provide an estimate that includes fee, scope, schedule, assumptions and inclusions. A deposit of 50% of the estimate may be required.

For zippier turnarounds, requiring ASAP, evening or weekend work, a +25% rush rate will apply.

I tend not to issue contracts, relying on the estimate to outline the terms and trusting that my clients aren’t scoundrels who’ll leave me high and dry. However, I’m happy to sign yours. And if you don’t have your own but would feel more comfortable, we can modify the Agreement Template for Services from Editors Canada.

Lori is efficient, communicative, passionate about her work and, most importantly, a kind, collaborative and generous human being. Hire her—you won’t regret it.

Jenn Manning, Associate Creative Director, Copy, ATB