Lori makes agency life easier. I can trust her to deliver flawlessly written copy that sparkles and engages. She is professional, delightful to work with and, as far as I can tell, has never missed a deadline in her life. If she had written this recommendation, it probably would have moved to you tears of joy.

Lorraine Valestuk, Editor in Chief, The Agency Communications

How do I love Lori? Let me count the ways. Witty. Concise. Eloquent. Flexible. Articulate. Professional. Engaging. Creative. Fresh. Damn good. Need I say more?

Kirsten Bell, Director, Stakeholder Communications, Keyera

It’s an absolute pleasure working with Lori, and I can’t recommend her enough. Lori and I worked together to develop and refine ATB’s brand voice guidelines and inclusive writing guidelines. She took reams of mixed-up content, asked smart and meaningful questions, identified and challenged contradictory or confusing statements, organized, polished, and generated a final guidelines document that shines in its consistency and clarity.

Jenn Manning, Associate Creative Director, Copy, ATB

I knew in the first five minutes of interviewing Lori that we’d be lucky to hire her. Her reputation as both a phenomenal editor and person preceded her, and yet she still managed to exceed every expectation I had.

As an organization, we had made a conscious shift from quantity of content to quality of content. We had already built a strong in-house writing team, and had a growing bench of excellent freelance writers, but we needed someone who could help us maintain super-high editorial standards (and help create new standards) … someone who could take something that was slightly off-brand and make it sing “Benevity” … someone who could think like our audience and see if what we were putting into the world would resonate or not. In short, not only a proofreader but someone who could elevate our work to new levels — and Lori did that for us. I will be eternally grateful for the time she gave us, and if you hire her, you will be too.

Jodi Stapley, Associate Creative Director, Benevity

I’ve known Lori for over 10 years and I still don’t think I understand the true depth of her capabilities. She is an incredible editor and proofreader, and also the perfect person for interviewing subject matter experts and writing articles, especially when it comes to turning complex information into a highly consumable story. Lori has a way of engendering trust and getting people to open up to her that really shows in her original work. As an agency owner, I very much appreciate how organized Lori is, from timely responses, to raising questions early, to detailed and accurate admin. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lori and am thankful we crossed paths all those years ago and continue to work together.

Jill Dewes, Partner & COO, Daughter Creative

I once thought I was a good editor. Even felt a little cocky about my skills. Then I had the opportunity to work with Lori and truly understand what a great editor can do. She misses nothing and makes everything better. Then one day she called me to help her out on a project she was leading. She was applying her impressive discipline and project management skills to building a brand, and, not surprisingly, she excelled at this in a remarkable fashion. And her writing! It’s a voice you want to listen to, that convinces and persuades. Authentic and natural.

She has a rare gift. In fact, I have never worked with anyone else who comes close to her level in my 43 years in advertising. If you get the opportunity to work with her, take it. She will make everything you do better.

Paul Long, Creative Director, Paul Long & Partners Advertising

When it comes to proofing and editing any type of media, Lori is the consummate professional. Her attention to detail and pursuit of perfection is second to none. If you want your communications to be prepared at the highest level of quality, Lori is the person to work with.

Peter Tertzakian, Founder, Energyphile

I listened to Red (Taylor’s Version) and thought, “This is Lori!” You think something is great, then Lori works on it and it’s 1,000x better!

Katherine Elliott, Senior Demand Generation Manager, Benevity

If you care about communicating clearly, you need Lori. She can enliven your messages, ramp up your pitches, polish your grammar, and even help you clarify your thinking and find your voice. Lori works quickly, efficiently, and independently, collaborating and questioning where necessary.

Jon Parker, Brand Strategist, Gather, NYC

Lori is a truly gifted copy editor. She can take a “good” document and make it “exceptional” by ensuring it has a consistent tone, facts are checked, and typos are eliminated. Her subsequent stylesheets provide a useful guide for ongoing content development. She is professional and flexible on schedules, and I would highly recommend her as a final set of external eyes on any content.

Leanne Rekiel, Specialist, Sustainability & Communications, Plains

I learned a lot and really enjoyed the course. I was dreading the full-day Saturdays but they were great! The days flew by. Thank you, Lori! Superb class.

Copyediting and Proofreading student, Mount Royal University

Lori is so informative about ethics, her experiences. This course could be dry if not taught with vigour. She does that, keeping the class focused and interesting.

Copyediting and Proofreading student, Mount Royal University